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The future of the workplace is a location that attracts employees who want to come there because it optimizes their performance and not because they are forced to come to work

While collaboration and team building will be the main activities of the office, you’re not going to have a full day of collaboration; you’ll also need touchdown points and quiet places to go in between meetings

Some tasks need collaboration & teamwork, while some others need more focused work. The Docking system allows you to create the privacy users need for focused work, to meet safely, and collaborate with each other.

The same system has several options of related products like the docking desking system, docking shared system and docking collaboration systems with required privacy to carry out project meetings. When used to create collaboration spaces, the system includes the needed items like white boards, marker boards, and mounting for monitors / AV equipment.

The system also allows for a low cost way to provide a Sit and Stand workstation. Alternatively, an electrically driven sit stand system can also be incorporated into the system

Gen Z workers are expected constitute a third of the global work force by 2025. Motivating them to come to work will necessitate providing designated spaces, larger spaces and private spaces to focus on their work