Designed to be user adjustable, fluid creates flexible workspaces, collaboration spaces, and social spaces. The users can reconfigure spaces on their own without any tools or electricians. Fluid comes with a whole range of accessories like privacy panels, marker boards, desks, meeting tables and soft seating. The system can carry power and data cables as required.

Employees look for a sense of belonging at workspace, a greater degree of flexibility and control over their work environment. Give them this control, and they are willing to trade remote working for their own workspace at the office

Flexible furniture that the user can reorganize on the fly, based on their work requirements, with all the required electrical and data connectivity, without having to use any tools

Flexible . User reconfigurable . No tools required . Holds power & data cabling

The Fluid system helps create an aesthetically pleasing hybrid office space that allows users to recreate some of the comforts of working from home by creating relaxed / informal spaces that they can reconfigure on the go. And yet, when necessary, the Fluid system allows them to create the privacy they need to focus on their work

Flexible furniture that can be reorganized on the fly by the users based on their work requirements